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Massage - The Secret Weapon to Pain Relief

Massage has been used for thousands of years dating back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. At one point, massage was used to soothe injuries, alleviate pain, and promote healing. Nowadays, if or require a massage, you can pick from over 80 massage styles that offer an assortment of motions techn…

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Swedish Massage Therapy - Its Health Benefits

Swedish massage has been a well-loved form of massage all over the world. It involves applying gentle hands, elbows or forearms to manipulate the numerous superficial layers of muscles of the human body to improve physical and psychological well-being. Active or passive movement of joints could be a…

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Find out about the various Sources of Massage

The word is derived from Latin massa meaning mass, touch or rub. The term is applied to describe various types of touch and body therapies. But it's older history tells us that the origin of massage is traced back through Ancient Greece. There are many different types of massage practiced in China, …

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